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Hassle Free Extractor Fan & Hood Repair Cape Town

The Ventilation Hood or Extractor Fan is an important addition to any kitchen and keeps excessive cooking smells, steam and smoke at bay which is especially useful in smaller kitchens or apartments. If your cooker hood malfunctions, you could inadvertently set off the smoke alarms in your property or find that the smell of fats and grease is becoming a nuisance. While mildly inconvenient, repair work is fairly straight forward so if you have a need for Extractor Fan Repair Cape Town, we are certainly an established company you can call on for local assistance.

Most modern kitchens are fitted with some form of ventilation in the form of an Extractor Hood, vent duct or fan and is usually fitted above the stove or cook top to effectively disperse cooking smells and excessive smoke. When the cooker hood malfunctions its necessary to effect quick repair services to avoid having to leave windows or doors open and to ensure a pleasant cooking experience in your kitchen.

We are familiar with the many different types of hood extractors and the brands that manufacturer them. Spare parts and components are readily available for both old and new extractor fans as is the modern diagnostics needed to identify the root cause of any ventilation issues you may be experiencing, whether with the unit itself or the vent ducts. Call our team today or drop us a line explaining your problem and we’ll do our very best to help solve it.

Has your Cooker Hood Extractor Fan Stopped Working?

If your cooker hood has stopped working altogether or its simply not working efficiently in clearing cooking residue or odors, give us a call for fast effective Extractor Fan repair Cape Town. Extractor hoods work by a drive motor spinning a fan and essentially drawing and sucking air from the kitchen and dispersing it outside. If it fails, its usually an electrical fault and you’ll need a good quality repairman to sort the issue for you. 

From time to time, even the most well kept appliances fail in our homes and the hood extractor in your kitchen is no different. Often an afterthought when installing a kitchen, cheap units are not designed for the pressure we put them under and can fail in one or more key areas.

A control unit or PCB will effectively control the speed of the fan and the efficiency of the extraction process. During this process, the Fan Motor is necessary to draw air from the kitchen and disperse it accordingly. When either of these fail, the unit itself will be rendered inoperable and will need to be looked at by a trained technician and you should not attempt electrical repairs on your own. 

We sometimes find this problem arising on newly installed cooker hoods and is down to a fault in the extractor ventilation ducts. If your hood is new, ask the company that fitted it to check for any blockages in the ducting.

If you still experience issues, and more commonly with older units, then the problem could be the filters have become clogged with dirt and grease build up. Washing these filters in warm water can sometime cure the issue however, in other cases, they will need to be replaced. We can supply and fit spare filters for your extractor hood with ease, just let us know the make and model and we’ll do the rest. 

The lights on your Extractor Hood are important and help illuminate the cooking area. The biggest problem is that people tend to leave these lights on for long periods of time, and as a result they fail. In the most basic circumstances, you can simply replace the bulbs, however you may require a technician to find the correct replacement bulb for your specific unit.

In other circumstances, running the lights for long periods of time can cause the plastic holders or clips to fail and as a result, the bulb will become loose. Replacing these clips will ensure the lamp doesn’t fall and smash on your cook-top. Give us a call today, we cater for all Extractor Fan Repair Cape Town wide for both residential and commercial requirements.

hood extractor fan repair cape town

We can deliver fast & effective Hood Extractor Fan Repair Cape Town...

  • Fan Motor Fault
  • Loud Buzzing or Humming  
  • Poor Air Extraction 
  • Replacement Filters 
  • Faulty Control Buttons
  • Replace Lights
  • Hood Extractor Tripping
  • De-greasing and Cleaning
  • Replace Fan Unit
  • Excessive Noise
  • Replacement Extractor Duct
  • Fault Finding Power Issues
  • Replace Faulty PCB 
  • Bad Smell or Odour
  • Hood Doesn’t Clear Air
  • Control Board Fault
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