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Best Prices for Tumble Dryer Repairs Cape Town

Dryers are an essential part of our daily lives and a necessity during the wetter, winter months as a fast and convenient way of drying our laundry when the weather is bad outside. There’s nothing worst than being left with wet clothes when you’re in a hurry and your machine is on the blink but turning to our Tumble Dryer Repairs Cape Town is an essential service you can rely upon.

Having probably spent good money on a high end Dryer, we understand that you expect the best from your machine and its frustrating when it suddenly breaks down. Not knowing what the problem is, or where to turn to get it repaired only adds to the inconvenience caused by your broken tumble dryer. Thankfully, we are highly experienced repairmen with extensive knowledge of the inner workings of all common household appliances and how to adequately fix issues fast.

Most household dryers are electric with the less common gas or propane fired dryers only being used in larger commercial & industrial operations. Common issues effecting the normal operation of household dryers relate to internal control or component issues, problems with the drum turning or issues with the heating elements. There are a wide range of serviceable parts for all modern drying machines which are readily available directly from the manufacturers. Upon diagnosing the issue with your dryer, we will attend your location and fix the problem on site, while you wait to minimise any further disruption.

Whether you have a condenser dryer or a regular vented dryer, calling our team will ensure you get the best service and low cost Dryer Repair Cape Town.

Why would my Tumble Dryer suddenly stop working?

Tumble dryers have complex control systems and mechanisms to stop them overheating and catching fire, so if your machine has all of a sudden broken down out of the blue, there is a good chance it could be related to a fuse that has tripped or the thermal overload has cut out. Along with a faulty or noisy drum, no heat is one of the most common faults we see.

Fortunately, modern tumble dryers have a reset switch at the rear of the unit. Referring to the manual that came with your dryer, you could start by resetting the machine if you have experienced a heat related problem. If that doesn’t solve the issue, you will need to give us a call for further investigation.

When checking your dryer, we will look for any signs of a blockage through a build up of lint and fluff, check the heater elements and check for any faults with the thermostat controls. We are well trained and certified in all Tumble Dryer Repairs Cape Town so rest assured your in good hands, fixing your issue on site and minimising disruption to your day.

If the main Drum in your dryer isn’t turning effectively, this will effect the overall drying ability of the machine. The drum needs to turn to evenly apply heat to the load inside, and if its stuck or won’t turn at all, you’ll need to get a repairman in to take a further look.

In most cases, issue with Drum not turning can be fixed fairly quickly, and a simple belt replacement is needed for older models or in newer versions, the direct drive motor could have a fault and need repaired. If this isn’t the case, we also look at worn Jockey Wheels or the capacitors powering the motor. Whatever the issue, we aim to fix it fast have your dryer working good as new again in no time.

Whilst this isn’t up there with the most common issues we find with broken Tumble Dryers, its one that’s worth addressing. In many cases the main cause of the dryer not starting is likely to be the door switch. If the switch is faulty, the machine doesn’t acknowledge that the door is closed and therefore wont begin the cycle.

Other issues relating to non starting dryers could be ventilation issues. On condenser dryers, if the water tray is full, you may find the machine wont turn on and the same goes for ventilation hose outlets on standard dryers. Usually an easy and cheap issue to fix but non the less, one that should be completed by a certified technician. 

A noisy Tumble Dryer or one that’s displaying signs of excessive vibration is usually identified as a faulty bearing, Jockey Wheel or in rarer cases, worn out Felt Pads. This type of issue is pretty easy to spot and one that can become quite troublesome if using the machine at night due to excessive noise.

One of the main causes of this type of fault is where people stack there dryer on top of their washing machines to save space. The increased load can cause damage to one or more of the appliances and from a professional stand point, we do not recommend it. 

Tumble Dryer Repairs Cape Town

Our comprehensive Tumble Dryer Repairs Cape Town are just a phone call away.

  • Wont Heat
  • Thermal Cut Off Switch Fault
  • Cycle doesn’t Start
  • Water Leaks
  • Bad Odor
  • Replacement Drive Belt
  • Faulty Motor 
  • Motor Capacitor Fault
  • Replace Jockey Wheels
  • Door Switch is Faulty  
  • Broken Bearings
  • Worn Felt Pads
  • Excessive Vibration
  • Lint / Fluff Build Up 
  • Main Control Circuit Failure
  • Unresponsive Buttons
  • Drum Not Turning
  • Machine Cuts Out
  • Overheating
  • Thermal Control Overload 
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