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The oven is an essential component in any kitchen and with the expense often associated with purchasing high-end ovens, care should be taken to ensure the appliance is kept in good condition. Even with regular maintenance and care, there is always the chance that faults can occur, and often do so at the most inconvenient times. When the need for Oven Repair Cape Town arises, call our dedicated team of experts for a fast diagnosis and 24/7 mobile repairs.

There are a wide range of types of oven on the market today, from built in fan assisted ovens, standalone cook tops and high-end range cookers to larger industrial type ovens used in commercial settings. When they fail, they can cause a huge inconvenience, especially if you were half way through cooking! Fortunately, we understand that the need for a competent appliance repair pro is required and always aim to get to you the same day. Working 24/7, you can reply on our team of experts to quickly attend to your location and perform the necessary repairs to minimise the downtime of your cooker or oven.

We are fully experienced in fixing all major brands of cooker and regardless of the issues you may be facing, we are familiar with many of the common faults associated with the normal operation of your oven. Internal parts and functionality of these cooking devices is much the same, regardless of the make or model and although different in looks, they all perform the same job. This makes it easy for us to determine what has caused your fault and provide rapid replacement or repair of the broken parts or internal components.

What do you do when your oven stops working?

Don’t worry, if you oven is broken, we can help fix it fast! We have a wealth of experience in services for repairing all makes and models, new, old, stand alone, built in and range cookers. Whether you have a fan assisted electric or gas oven and you’re experiencing problems with no heat, temperature irregularities, issues with the door not closing or if it simply wont turn on, you can count on us for expert oven repair Cape Town 24/7.

If you notice that your oven is not heating up to the correct temperature, food coming under cooked, or taking longer than normal to fully cook, its usually a result of inconsistent temperature within the oven. In some cases, modern or newer ovens can simply be re-calibrated, however this is not always the case and the internal thermostat will need a thorough inspection.

Your faulty oven Thermostat will need to be tested for its accuracy in regulating a consistent temperature throughout your oven. If found to be malfunctioning, a replacement will be required and should only be tackled by a trained expert. Never try to fix electric or gas related issues by yourself. 

What use is a self cleaning oven if it doesn’t self clean?! If your self cleaning cycle isn’t working as it should, there a number of possible causes, some of which you can check yourself at home. Start by checking all timers and clocks are set correctly by referring to your manual. You will need to manage your expectations with self cleaning, as stubborn, larger spills will need some manual cleaning.

If you still experience issues, there is a chance that one or more components are stopping the cycle from running which include faulty door switch, control board or thermostat and the need for a repairmen is necessary to fix the problem correctly. 

Issues surrounding an oven that won’t heat can be down to a few separate reasons and will be specific to the type of oven that you are using. For electric or fan assisted ovens, the fault will commonly sit with the heating element and for gas ovens, its usually a faulty igniter. 

As ovens and cookers rely on either electricity or gas to function, you should never attempt to deal with these kind of issues yourself, as serious injury or damage to your property can occur. Make sure you call a registered gas or certified appliance repair specialist to correctly diagnose the malfunction and ensure the repair is done to the correct standards. 

A failed oven door seal, hinge or spring will stop your oven from functioning correctly and allows heat to escape. This can cause uneven cooking or longer cooking times. Fortunately, its a pretty easy fix, however, with the vast array of different manufactures, models and types of oven, we will need to identify your model number and brand to ensure fitting the correct replacement parts.

While this type of repair is fairly straight forward, you should consult an experienced repair technician to ensure its done correctly and that you experience no further issues with the oven. We’re available 24/7 for Oven repair Cape Town so feel free to give us a call today.

Oven Repair Cape Town

Get professional Oven Repair Cape Town today for all known faults...

  • Inconsistent Temperature
  • Heat Escaping 
  • Replacement Thermostat 
  • Pilot Light Issues 
  • Gas Safety Checks
  • Replace Internal Light
  • Faulty Heating Element
  • Fix Door Hinges / Springs
  • Timer & Clock Faults
  • Damaged or Broken Igniter 
  • No Power 
  • LCD Display Fault
  • Sensor Malfunction 
  • Replace Door Seal
  • Faulty Fan Motor
  • Control Board Fault
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