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In today’s modern society, having a Smart LCD TV is now almost second nature to most, serving as the central focus in most family / living rooms. With TV and Audio tech booming and becoming far cheaper and more mainstream in recent years, so to have the common problems associated with the newer technology. Bottom line, its getting smarter and more complex. The need for fast problem solving and efficient TV Repair Cape Town is now more popular than ever and with many households having 2, 3 or more Televisions, it’s a massive inconvenience when one goes wrong. Before you know it, the good old days of fighting over the remote are back!

We are an established company and we’ve been around for a while. We have seen technology change at a rapid rate. We pride ourselves on the ability to keep up with current trends and make it our mission to be abreast of the latest advances in technology. By doing so, are we able to confidently supply the range of services that we offer to local residents and business owners including television Repair Cape Town.

There is a wide choice of televisions available on the market today, but fundamentally they all follow the same internal workings, software and control functions. A tv needs an input, usually in the form of a TV aerial or DSTV satellite decoder, it needs light (LED or LCD) to transfer the image and it needs a remote to control the channels and menus. When any of these components malfunction, the TV becomes inoperable or a nuisance to use.

My TV not working! What is wrong with it?

As we have already mentioned, TV technology is getting smarter meaning its easier to control but harder to identify a fault at first glance. There are a number of easy fixes to common problems such as the “factory reset” function, however, some issues require further inspection and a deeper diagnosis.

We will cover some of the most common issues faced with Modern Smart TV’s and how we can assist in fixing them, but if you have a specific fault or one that’s not listed, contact our TV repairman Cape Town and we’ll do our very best to help.

Smart TV issues are common place and can be incredibly frustrating when you have tried everything yet your TV still wont turn on. This fault can present itself in many ways. Perhaps the TV has no power at all, or maybe its powering on but then your met with a blank, Black, Blue or Green screen. In any case, its probably not a good idea to poke around in the back of your TV with a screwdriver hoping that the problem will somehow rectify itself.

Our technician can perform a series of tests to determine the cause of why your TV wont turn on, checking connections, power supply, current flow, capacitors and main circuit boards. We have a great success rate in fixing broken televisions. It could be a simple issue, and we’ll aim to have you back up and running in no time

Are you are experiencing the common issue of where your TV has a signal, and the picture is fine, but no matter what you try, you cant seem to get sound? We get this a lot, and its usually down to a series of settings faults, which through no fault of your own have somehow changed themselves. Perhaps your cat sat on the remote!

Internal sound issues are usually easily fixed and with external soundbars or home cinema systems, the problem can sometimes lie with a faulty connection, HDMI input or cable. We can quickly run some diagnostics to find the cause of your sound malfunctions and carry many spare parts from big brands such as Sony, LG and Samsung. Our repairmen are usually able to fix most common issues on the spot, while you wait.

Suffering from Poor Picture Quality? Don’t worry, its a common occurrence and the good news is, its probably not your TV that’s broken. Most picture and image quality faults stem from incorrect settings, which in turn could simply point to the need for re-calibration. Using built in software diagnostics within your TV, our technician can check all your relevant image ratios, contrast, menu settings, brightness and 4K settings.

In rare cases, there may be an issue with the internal image display within the TV and this can be easily diagnosed via testing the main circuit boards and the control units for the LED, LCD or Plasma lights. Whatever the issue, don’t panic, we will have you sorted in no time.

If your TV turns on, but you have no signal, the good news is that your TV probably isn’t broken so you can relax knowing that its not going to cost the earth to fix it. Most signal issues are related to the source of your incoming connection, i.e your Aerial, Satellite or DSTV decoder. After checking all your cables and connections, this is where we will start to investigate.

Common faults relating to loss of signal are faulty DSTV decoder, an Aerial or Satellite that needs to be re-aligned or a malfunction with the transmitting cables linking these devices to your TV. Whatever we determine the issue to be, rest assured that the repair cost is far less than the cost of a new flat screen. Phew! Call the best TV repair Cape Town today for hassle free and fast service.

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  • Blue, Green or Black Screen
  • Image Pixelated
  • Squashed, or Stretched Picture
  • Inconsistent Brightness
  • 4k Resolution Issues
  • Picture Calibration
  • Intermittent Sound
  • New Circuit Board
  • Wont Power On
  • Picture but No Sound
  • Unresponsive Remote Control
  • Freezing on Start Up
  • Poor Signal Quality
  • Aerial Damage
  • Menu Formatting
  • Factory Reset
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