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Getting the Braai out on a sunny afternoon is a favorite pastime for us South Africans, and one that’s enjoyed nationwide. There is nothing worse than organising a get together to then find out that the Braai is broken, not cooking correctly or simply wont fire up. Getting fast Gas Braai repairs Cape Town is going to be necessary for you to continue enjoying your outdoor cooking, and above all else, ensure that your equipment is safe. 

These days, there is a fantastic range of Gas Braai equipment on the market, from small single burner Braai’s through to larger, 6-8 burner grills. What they all have in common is that they run on gas, meaning the essential components are more of less the same, regardless of the size and therefore follow the same potential issues arising from regular use. Where there is an issue, we are experienced in fixing it, and being Braai enthusiasts ourselves, we’ll do our best to ensure your pride and joy is fixed to the highest standard.

There are many common faults often resulting in nothing more than regular use as wear and tare plays a big part in Issues with Gas Braai. Inconsistent heat from the gas burners, flame tamers or the gas supply itself can be easily and quickly diagnosed and fixed by our competent repairmen. We deal with all major brands, makes and models regardless of age and use only the very best in manufacturer approved spare parts to ensure long lasting durability and above all else, safety. When dealing with any gas related appliance, you should always use a trained professional to avoid serious injury. 

Why is my Gas Grill not Igniting?

One of the most common requests we get for Gas Braai Repair Cape Town is the burners wont light. This is a frustrating issue as after all, the burners and flame are the essence of the grill!  Thankfully, its not a big problem to rectify but it is one that you should trust the services of a professional repair company, as dealing with gas is dangerous and getting it wrong could have disastrous consequences. There are a few obvious causes to this common problem, but don’t worry, our guys are highly experienced in fixing Gas Braai issues fast!

When you cant get the Braai to fire up, one of the first things to check is the burners. You may be experiencing faults with one or more of the burners being damaged due to decay or clogged due to the fat, grease and burnt waste created during cooking. It may be necessary to remove and clean these damaged burners or even replace them if damaged beyond normal repair.

Another issue associated with the burners is the flame tamers. Flame tamers ensure that the heat is not excessive and can be controlled normally with your temperature knobs. If they become damaged, the flame wont ignite properly or may even be too strong. Having these inspected in this case is essential to not only ensure even heat distribution, but also the safety of the Gas Braai.

A faulty Igniter Electrode is common on Gas Braai’s that are frequently used or ones that are left out to the elements. If the igniter electrode becomes warn or decays, it simply wont have the means to produce a spark and therefore wont light the burners. A simply way to test this is to look for a spark when pushing the igniter. If your cant see any spark, but still hear the click, the electrode will need to be replaced.

In simple cases, and quite often is the case, the electrode has simply become clogged with debris and dirt build up. Cleaning your Braai regularly will help to prolong the life of these essential parts and there are many excellent specialist Braai cleaning products available to make this task a lot easier. Ask our staff for recommendations. 

A faulty Gas Regulator on your Braai will certainly be a main cause of no flame. If the gas supply is unable to reach the burners, they wont light, period. This type of fault can easily be repaired by replacing the regulator to ensure a steady and even flow of gas to the Braai.

In other instances, gas hoses may become damaged resulting in a leak which will in turn cause a weak flame. This is a dangerous issue as any form of gas leak can have disastrous consequences. The fact that using a Braai is almost always done outside, the chances of a explosion are rare as the gas simply disperses into the air, however, it should not be left unattended and you should look to get your Braai repaired in Cape Town as soon as possible. 

The ignition module sends a small electrical current to the electrode which in turn creates the spark required to light the grill burners. If this module is faulty, no spark will be produced. Ignition modules usually have a small battery that will need to be replaced from time to time and is an easy and quick fix. If replacing the battery doesn’t solve the issue and you still have no spark, a new module will need to be installed. 

While this type of repair is fairly straight forward, care should be taken to ensure its done right. Incorrectly installed gas igniters can cause electric shock when the button is pressed. Although it wont kill you, its a fairly uncomfortable experience. Avoid any doubt and use our accredited Gas Braai Repairs Cape Town to undertake any maintenance or repair work on your equipment. 

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