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We can accommodate all types of Fridge Repair Cape Town

As one of the most trusted and critical appliances in the home, the inconvenience of having your fridge break down is nothing short of annoying and makes it next to impossible to store fresh food and produce safely. We are trusted appliance repair specialists and offer comprehensive Fridge repair Cape Town. Acting fast as soon as you notice a fault with your refrigerator can help to significantly reduce the overall costs involved and the amount of food you will need to replace.

Its vital that you take good care of your Fridge and other cooling devices within your home as this will prolong their life and avoid the need for expensive and annoying repairs. We cater for a wide range of different types of refrigeration appliance and use quality manufacturer approved spares in all our repair work.

Regardless of the make or model of your Fridge, our service technicians are fully trained and certified repairmen that have undergone hours of training to be able to quickly diagnose issues and provide on the spot effective repairs. We use the latest technology to effect quality refrigeration repairs Cape Town that last, limiting the time taken to get your refrigerator back up and running in the quickest time possible.

We are specialists in all types of upright Fridge, side by side fridge freezers, cold storage rooms, chillers, Staycold display units, wine coolers, beverage / drinks fridges & counter top under bar refrigeration units. Get in touch today for a low cost quote.

How can I tell if my Fridge is Broken?

It doesn’t take a genius to recognise the tell tale signs of a faulty Fridge. In many cases, it may just outright stop working, but in many others, your fridge may show some warning signals before it completely breaks down such as runs then stops, runs continuously without cutting off or simply doesn’t get cold enough. Acting on these warning signs usually lowers the overall Fridge repair cost, so act fast and save money!

Temperature Irregularities are a common tell tale sign that your fridge is after some much needed TLC. If you notice the refrigerator has lost the ability to maintain a constant temperature, it could be a sign that the condenser needs re-gassing, the cooling coils have become clogged or the thermostat has malfunctioned. 

Our technicians can quickly diagnose any cooling issues with refrigeration units, providing a fast, cost effective solution no matter where you are located in Cape Town and to ensure your Fridge is repaired to manufacturer quality in a timely manner.

If you are experiencing excessive noise coming from your fridge, this could be a sign that the compressor is malfunctioning. A compressor is a motor which compresses refrigerant and circulates it through the condenser and evaporator coils in the fridge. It is in essence, the heart of the refrigerator unit.

Usually, if the motor fails altogether, the fridge will almost always stop working immediately and is one of the most popular reasons behind your fridge not working problems. Food can spoil very quickly in this instance and should be seen to by a professional right away.

When working to optimal performance, a refrigeration unit should cycle on and off at intervals during the day, supplying a consistent temperature to your fridge. If you notice that the fridge is always on, noisy, hot or experiencing irregular cycle patterns, it could be a sign that its in serious need of repair.

Cycling issues usually point to a problem with the condenser coils which manufacture the cold air supply to your fridge. Its not unusual for these coils to become dirty and collect debris which essentially is what triggers this type of malfunction. 

Perhaps one of the most obvious signs that you need Fridge Repair Cape Town is when its leaking water. Be on the look out for any water that may be accumulating outside the fridge and its vital to pay attention for any pools of water gathering on the inside. Although not a serious or expensive issue to fix, it can effect the efficiency of the fridge in terms of both power consumption and cooling ability.

Cleaning your fridge regularly will help to stop dirt building up and blocking drainage channels and pipes and should help to keep water leaks from the fridge at bay. If in doubt, call our experienced technicians today for a prompt and professional repair.

Fridge Repair Cape Town

We cover all Major Refrigerator Brands for Servicing & Repairs

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We offer a comprehensive range of Fridge Repairs Cape Town...

  • Faulty Compressor
  • Excessive Cycling
  • Blocked Pipes
  • Water Leaking & Pooling
  • Condensation Build Up
  • Damaged Condenser Coils
  • Faulty Motor
  • Excessive Heat Omitting 
  • Excessive Noise
  • Faulty Start Capacitor
  • Broken Thermostat 
  • Re-gassing  
  • Frost Build Up
  • Puddles inside Fridge
  • Bad Odor in Fridge
  • Damaged Door Seals
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