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We provide Essential Freezer Repairs Cape Town

Any device that stores and preserves food plays an important role in any home or business. Knowing where to turn for Freezer Repairs Cape Town is crucial for when unexpected faults occur with your freezing appliances, ice machine or walk in freezer and speed is of the essence to ensure that the frozen food doesn’t spoil.

When a freezer malfunctions, its often hard to notice right away and most modern units will only keep the food fully frozen for up to 24-48 hours following a full break down. In any case, you’re going to need someone to attend to your problem fast and calling upon our experienced appliance repair technicians will ensure you receive 24/7 support. We aim to fix your broken freezer on site, minimising overall downtime and ensuring cost implications are kept to a minimum.

Freezers come in many shapes and sizes through a variety of different brands and manufacturers. Essentially, the inner workings and parts are all the same, and as a result, so are the common faults and issues that occur. The diagnostics process required to identify problems and assign the appropriate fix is one we are highly experienced in and one we have a great knowledge on.

We deal with Upright Freezers, ice boxes, ice machines, side-by-side, stand up and chest Freezers as well as larger commercial grade walk in freezer rooms and whether you have a new model or an older style, we are on hand to offer first class speedy mobile services. Call our repairmen today to obtain free quotation for fast Freezer repairs Cape Town wide.

Help! My Freezer is broken and won't turn on!

The biggest problem with a broken freezer is trying to preserve the food inside, a problem made much worse when its full. Thankfully, help is at hand and one of the main reasons we are on call 24 hours, is for when emergencies such as this arise. If you experience freezer malfunction and its stopped working altogether, keep the doors closed to minimise defrosting and call our technicians right away.

Ok, so your Freezer isn’t running. Before you panic, check the power outlet and see if a fuse may have blown. If its still not powering on, this could be down to a number of reasons. The likely cause is the failure of one or more internal components and you need to act fast to preserve the food inside the freezer and minimise your cost implications for having to dispose of thawed food. 

Problems with the internal freezer control board, the cold control thermostat, compressor or defrost timer are the likely culprits in this scenario however the only way to make sure is to have a certified professional inspect the device and determine the cause of your problem. Thankfully, you can count on use for emergency freezer repairs Cape Town 24 hours a day. 

If you have excess frost inside your freezer, its usually the result of warm or moist air getting trapped inside the freezer when you open and close the door. While its normal to see frost inside your freezer, too much can cause problems with the normal operation and ultimately damage the appliance. 

Faulty defrost sensors are the main cause of such issues, and a prompt replacement is almost certainly necessary to continue with normal function and ensure no other serious faults occur. To understand exactly what is causing excessive frost build up, is the job of a trained expert. We can provide a full breakdown of your issues and a low cost quotation for repair. Call us today.

Frost and ice inside your freezer is normal and certainly is expected, however, if you open your freezer to find a sheet of ice at the bottom, this could indicate a problem and cause further internal malfunction if its not fixed right away.

A clogged defrost tube is usually the culprit in this case. Nearly all modern upright Freezers feature an automatic defrost feature, which utilises a drain tube to move water that gathers in the evaporator pan near the compressor. When this becomes blocked or obstructed, water will gather at the bottom of the freezer and cause excessive ice build up. Left over time, the expanding ice can cause serious damage to the unit and should be rectified sooner rather than later.

Just like a refrigeration unit, a freezer runs through its own compressor cycles to ensure peak performance and during normal function, should operate with barely any noise at all. If you notice excessive noise during the on / off cycles or if indeed the cycle is constant, you probably have an issue with one or more of the internal components.

We will need to fully inspect your freezer to determine whats causing the loud noise or excessive cycling, checking that there is no frost on the evaporator that can interfere with the rotating fan. Faulty components such as the defrost heater, timer or sensor will need to be replaced to rectify this type of issue.

Freezer Repairs Cape Town

We have a wealth of experience in Freezer Repairs Cape Town, including...

  • Interior Lights not Working
  • Large Ice Deposits
  • Loud Noise 
  • Cold Control Thermostat Fault
  • Not running
  • Excessive Frost
  • Faulty Electronic Control Board
  • Freezer too Warm
  • Damaged Freezer Door
  • Faulty Lid Gasket
  • Broken Defrost Sensor 
  • Heating Element Fault
  • Clogged Defrost Drain Tube
  • Compressor Faults
  • Evaporator Fault
  • Cycle & Timer Problems
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