Choosing the Right Company

Important Factors to Consider When Hiring Appliance Repair Companies

Looking for an accredited appliance repair technician in Cape Town? Here are a few crucial factors to consider if want to find the best.

Get Referrals

First, ask for referrals. From relatives, friends, neighbours, and workmates who have serviced their appliances. Get as many contact details and information about the company as possible. This will make your search easier because you will get first-hand information regarding the company’s performance, cost, and reliability.

Do Your Homework

After getting enough referrals, take your time to research about the companies. The best place to start would be online. Check their ratings and reviews on their website and social media pages. However, you shouldn’t base your entire judgement on these data because it could’ve been altered to favour the company.

Your best bet is to call and ask the company questions about their services. Number one on the list should be if their technicians have specialized in repairing your appliance. Whether it is a refrigerator, dryer, or stove, it’s important to work with a technician who is familiar that appliance. They will know how to handle specific models, where to find quality parts, among other technicalities.

Ask how much they will charge for your appliance repairs. You can then compare the rates and figure out if you are being overcharged, considering there are no set standards for appliance repair prices. The quotes will also help you to plan and budget appropriately.

Does the company offer a warranty? If they do, what’s the duration of their warranty? It’s always advisable to work with appliance repair companies that provide warranties. It shows they are extremely confident in the quality of service they offer clients. The other good thing about warranties is that they help you save on repair cost in case your home appliance malfunctions again – before the warranty expires.

Ask For Discounts

Talking of saving on repair costs, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for a discount. Well, probably not on the first project like most clients. Instead, ask if they can give you a discount on the next repair. That is if you think they are good enough for a repeat business. Chances are that they will be glad you are considering working with them again, hence they won’t mind the discount or an extra service on the next repairs.

Check The Company Website

Learn more about the company. For instance, is it locally owned? How many technicians do they have? Is the company stable? How is their customer service? It’s always good to know the company you are dealing with before entrusting them with your appliances.


Location of a company is a key factor in determining which appliance repair company to work with. In most cases, if you are looking for reliable technicians who are easily accessible and can show up on short notice, you need to go with a local company.


Lastly, the company should be flexible enough to accommodate your busy schedule. It’s even better if they are available on weekends or public holidays since that is probably the only time when you can meet with them.

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